Matsuwaka Glass and Pearl Works Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Company") has established a Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information as stated below. Users may be requested to submit personal information such as the area of residence and e-mail address when making inquiries or using other functions of this website. Submission of such personal information is entirely optional, and collected information will only be used along with your opinions to improve our service. The information will never be used outside this purpose, and will also be used in a statistical manner, thus preventing inconveniences such as individual names being displayed without consent.
Our Approach to Personal Information Management
The Company will pay utmost attention to protect our customers' personal information. Aside from observing the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and guidelines, the Company has established the policy described below in order to provide protection and appropriate handling of personal information.

The Company will collect personal information of customers, as needed, when requested for information, accepting inquiries, or providing other services. In such cases, the purpose will be clarified and only information that is absolutely necessary will be requested.

Personal information collected from our customers will be used to provide services such as response to inquiries or requests for information. The Company will never share or disclose such information to any third party, unless one of the following cases apply: - The customer’s consent and approval has been obtained in advance; - Disclosure is necessary in order to protect the rights or property of the customer or a third party; or - Disclosure or submission is mandated by order of a judicial, law enforcement, or other governmental agency, or by laws or regulations.

The Company will maintain strict management of personal information collected from its customers, and implement reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, as well as loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage of such information.

Upon receiving a disclosure, correction, or deletion request from a customer, the Company will respond without delay after verifying the requestor’s identity under the designated procedures.

The Company will keep up to date with the most current social landscape and technology, and continue to implement the best possible practice regarding protection of personal information. This may include reviewing and revising the Privacy Policy.
Access Log
This website records a visitor’s browsing history in the form of an access log. Access logs will be used for statistical analysis on usage and maintenance of this website, and will not be used for any other purposes.
Inquiries on Our Privacy Policy
Please direct inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy to the following:
Personal Information Support Desk, Matsuwaka Glass and Pearl Works Corporation